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Konig Wolf Pawprint Pendant by ChimeraDragonfang Konig Wolf Pawprint Pendant by ChimeraDragonfang
Commission/trade 1 of 3 for Gothic-Phantom-Zero. Unfortunately it looks like #3 got lost in the mail, so I'll be redoing that one in the near future.

Pawprint of the König Wolf from the Zoids: Fuzors anime in the Zoids franchise, engraved in howlite and filled with blue glow powder. The glow powder is whitish in daylight, and as the stone is also white, the pawprint remains a bit hidden until the lights go out. The stone is attached to a lobster-claw clasp via jump-rings, which are soldered shut for extra strength.

Measures about 1.5cm at the widest point by maybe a bit under 1cm thick by 2.5cm long, not counting the jump-rings and clasp.

Photo to the left is in daylight; photo at top right is under UV light; photo at bottom right is in the dark.

Finding a clear view of the König Wolf's feet was an enormous pain. It only shows up in a few of the episodes, its underside is visible in only a few of those appearances, and only a fraction of those shots have the feet moving slowly enough that they aren't terribly blurred in the frame.

Plus you'd think that the Zoids character models being CGI would mean they'd look the same all the time, but no. I think every screenshot I got had different-looking feet in it.

I took lots of screenshots.

Worked from what I had to piece together something deemed close enough, and doodled it up in Inkscape for the commissioner's approval and so I could make a stencil for the engraving itself.

The Dremel part went easily enough, even though white is the worst colour of anything to work with when it comes to engraving, due to lack of contrast between where it has already been engraved and where it hasn't. I've taken to scribbling over white stones with a black marker to better demarcate things. That aside, it went smoothly. Howlite is tough but not to a frustrating degree, and holds clean cuts well, unlike some other stones that chip out along the edges of the engraved areas.

The glow powder and porcelain varnish mixture went a bit bubbly for whatever reason, but the texture is kind of cool, so it was decided not to redo it to aim for a smoother finish. Think I need to order a larger particulate size for the blue glow powder though. Aside from the first two times I used it, this super-fine variety is going slightly clumpy when I mash it into the varnish, and I would like it to not do that.

Time: Been a while, so I don't remember exactly, but guesstimating 1 hour to get the design template drawn up from screenshot references, and another 1.5-2 hours for the stonework itself (drilling hole, engraving, painting, adding clasp and soldering jump-rings).

Tools & Materials: VLC media player, couple of downloaded Zoids: Fuzors episodes, Inkscape, paper, pencil, X-acto knife, clear tape, black permanent marker, old Philadelphia cream cheese container, old T-shirt, empty jam jar, water, Dremel, cylindrical and round diamond engraving burrs, paint remover, dental pick, clear porcelain varnish, blue glow powder, baking sheet, oven, soldering iron, soft silver solder, paste flux, square- and needlenose pliers.

Moonstone Heart Pendant by ChimeraDragonfang
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AndreaJens Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say that the glowing make it looks ten times cooler :) You really did a good job with this one!!!
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Glow powder on all the things, yes. It's how I roll with my art lately.
Chloe-Doge-Gaming Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
That looks so cool!
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Thanks :)
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