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I'm almost Level 22 and still haven't chosen a team. Halp. 

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Thanks for the llama!!!
Thu Oct 20, 2016, 5:09 AM
Give a llama, get smacked with one in the face back
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Sat Oct 1, 2016, 10:34 AM
Thanks for llama have on back as well!
Mon Sep 26, 2016, 1:17 AM
Thanks for tha llama! ><
Wed Sep 7, 2016, 2:18 PM
You are Awesome, stay cool!!
Sat Aug 27, 2016, 4:59 PM
Sun Jul 10, 2016, 11:34 AM
You're awesome!
Sat Jun 18, 2016, 7:02 AM
ty for llama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue Jun 7, 2016, 7:33 AM
:D not going to thank you for the llama just going to give one back :D
Mon May 16, 2016, 5:24 AM


God, Chim, you are the worst at regular Journal updates. How long has it been? Six months? Just a smidgen over six months, yep. So much for that whole “gonna do better in 2016” at maintaining regular updates. It has been met with horrendous, abysmal failure.

My art posting too has kind of... lagged. A lot. I do have new pieces to post -- quite a few of them, in fact -- I just haven't yet got my ass in gear with collaging the photos. 2016 has been very busy, and it's only at the halfway point (also: holyshittheyearishalfoverwhaaat).

Already I have a tentative band schedule for the fall season, and the second half of the year is shaping up to be just as crazy.

Damn, 2016, calm your tits a bit, hey?

So what have I been up to basically since the start of the year? Lots of things! Bullet points because faster (except probably not really):

- Celebrated New Year's Eve in Gdańsk by sitting downtown and watching the fireworks
- Walked around Gdańsk a lot
- The Amsterdam Bike and Bagel Bar in downtown Gdańsk has the best dessert pierogis
- The. Best.
- My old phone finally kicked it after eight years of service
- Still worked, but was becoming so functionally flaky that it was completely unreliable as a means of communication
- Eight years is not a bad run for a cellphone
- Especially when six of those years were after it went  through my washing machine
- Got a CAT B100 phone
- It's one of those rugged dust-, dirt-, drop-, shock- and waterproof things made for construction sites (IP67 rating)
- If my old phone was a brick, this thing is a cinderblock
- Like, I legit think I could club someone to death with this thing, it's that tough and chunky
- Discounted by a good 20% because it was the display model
- Was playing in three(!) bands throughout January, February and half of March
- Normally I play in two bands: a concert band and a big band jazz band
- This year a bunch of us from the concert band joined forces with another concert band to play at the national wind band championships
- Our piece was “Armenian Dances (Part 1)” by Alfred Reed (Listen here: {not my band, obviously).
- I started on trombone, but there were already five other trombonists, and only two French horn players, so I was all “Yo, you want more horn? Because I can play horn.”
- Conductor wanted more horn
- So I played horn
- It was great
- I haven't had the chance to really play horn for years, so at the start I kind of sucked
- Okay, I was all sorts of terrible, and needed a fingering chart handy for a few rehearsals because I'd forotten what half of them were
- Nationals were in Trondheim, on the same weekend as my birthday
- I saw the aurora borealis from the plane on the flight up
- We came twelfth out of sixteen at nationals, so not great but not super    horrible either
- Honestly we could have come in dead last and I would not have cared; just the experience was enough for me
- I spent a few hours of my birthday at Trondheim's Ringve Musikk Museum
- It was super cool
- The theremin had a “Do Not Touch” sign on it, and that amused me greatly (yes, the public was allowed to play it)
- My 30th birthday gift to myself (yes, Chim is thirty now. Just... whaaat)
- It is a Hans Hoyer K10 F/Bb double horn, with a detachable bell and interchangable mouthpiece receivers
- It is also the most expensive thing I have ever purchased
- Like, ever ever
- Thought April would calm down some because one less band to play in, but haha no of course not
- Life is still busy
- Band seminar weekends and some concerts
- May was the same deal
- I hosted couchsurfers pretty much every weekend in May
- Made for an extra busy May, but it was fun
- On the Sunday, May 15, I threw a big ol' waffle breakfast party
- Typically something like that would be done the morning of May 17 (Norway's national day), but because I had a jazz band gig super early that day, I did it a few days earlier
- Intended to have it for my two couchsurfing guests, two flatmates, and a friend
- Then I invited the upstairs neighbours too, when two of them came down to help my third soon-to-be-former flatmate move his stuff upstairs
- Kind of went: “Hey, I made a fucktonne of waffles. Wanna come help eat everything?”
- Ended up having ten people over for waffles
- End of May I did the Seven Mountains of Bergen hike for the third time
- The day before I had two jazz band gigs
- The first one was at a small music festival
- Outdoors
- In the rain
- It was cold
- The second one was outdoors too
- But by then the rain had stopped and the skies were clear
- It ended at 23:00
- I got home at a little before midnight
- I had to get up at 04:00 for the 7 Fjellstur
- Successfully got up at 04:00, started hiking at 05:00, reached the first summit at 06:00
- Learned that breaking bones really do sound like dry sticks snapping, when the lady just ahead of me on the trail down Lyderhorn misstepped weird and broke her leg
- New personal best achieved: 35km hike completed in 11h20min (with total elevation change of about 2.5km)
- Two hours after I got back home from the hike, I grabbed my music shit and headed out to play a concert
- When the rest of the band stood up to bow, my ass stayed right in that chair
- My knees were sore from the hike and like hell I was getting up until I absolutely had to
- The next day I was only slightly sore, and the day after that I felt perfectly fine again
- Going to a gym on the regular is paying off
- Last band performance of the year in June
- Still busy though
- Brother and I have been planning a big hiking trip to the Dolomites in Italy and then more hiking in Switzerland since almost the start of the year
- My flight out to Venice to meet up with him departed at stupid o'clock in the morning on July 1
- So I spent the second half of June getting all my shit together for that
- Bought a tablet so I could have Internet access on the go
- It's a nice rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab Active
- Got it for like 30% off because it was the display model (again, yes) and my credt card company was doing a “get 20% discount on anything you buy with your card at this chain of stores on these days” promotion
- Also bought a new camera
- Okay, new to me, but not new new
- Bought it via, Norway's slightly less skeevy version of Craigslist
- It's a Canon 6D
- Way better than my little Sony Cyber-shot point-and-shoot
- Though that one has its place too (love the click-and-scan panorama function) and I'm stilll taking it to Italy with me, alongside the objectively “better” Canon
- One week to go until departure
- Last-minute do-I-have-everything panic/excitement
- Brexit happened
- It did NOT fuck up the NOK:EUR exchange rate for me
- My hair is now pink with purple bangs and tips (Manic Panic's “Cleo Rose” and Directions' “Neon Blue”)
- Company that delivers the aviation fuel to my local airport (and a few others) went on strike
- Chance that the Bergen airport could shut down on July 1
- You may recall that as the day I was scheduled to fly out
- Worrying about this is a level of stress I really did not need in my life
- Cue keeping a careful eye on the situation
- Thankfully it managed to remain business as usual and I arrivedin Venice ten minutes ahead of schedule

And that has been some of the goings-on in my life from the end of December up to the first of July. Next post(s) will be about my time in Italy and Switzerland, and won't take six months to post.

And oh yes there will be photos. We're not even at the halfway point of this trip and already my photo count at the time of writing*(**) is at 1014 on the Canon and 226 on the Sony, although that's before culling the terrible shots.

* It is now 1249 and 300, respectively.

** Even more than that now, but camera batteries are recharging so I can't check the photo count.

I started writing this Journal on the first of July -- happy very late Canada Day to the Canucks amongst my Watchers, and Independence Day to the USAers, and happy national-day-type celebrations to a whole slew of other nations where the list was taking too much space and time and effort to compile -- and it is now almost two weeks later. Typing things on a tablet takes a lot longer than using a physical keyboard, I've been up in the mountains with slow/spotty/generally unreliable Internet access, I've been exhausted at the end of the day and just wanted to sleep, and I had to fix all the formatting that dA's mobile app destroyed when I pasted in what I wrote.

There are probably typos all up in this thing. I'll be saving the next updates for when I have a physical keyboard in front of me.


Chimera Dragonfang


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