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I have this metronome with a broken case. I'm going to make a new case for it. Which design route shall I take? 

56 deviants said Steampunk that shit, bitch. :Gear: by tiny5th
28 deviants said Twisted biomechanical mess, for the best of both worlds. I has Alien by Droneguard
26 deviants said Shiny, sleek, sexy sci-fi. joy robot by TheUnEmpire
24 deviants said Creepy, organic eldritch abomination. Psycho Stare by Tails-155
9 deviants said I have no worthwhile opinions! Woo by Deadman2
4 deviants said Let me tell you my better idea. Idea stealer by LedMaiden


awwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you for the llama you given me i really apprectaite it <3
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'Bout time I scraped that old Journal entry off of here anyway.

How long have you been on deviantART?

Will be nine years at the end of this coming October.

What does your username mean?
Exactly what it says. “Chimera” as in the Greek monster, and “Dragonfang” as in dragons and fangs. (That’s “Dragonfang” as one word. One. Word. :stare: I have seen people write it “Dragon Fang” too often. Stop it. :shakefist:)

Oh, are we supposed to give a big spiel about how we chose it and stuff? Okay, that goes all the way back to when the first X-Men movie came out, a good few years before I joined dA. Of course you get to talking about it with friends, and conversation oft turns toward what sort of wacky and wonderful superpower you’d want, and by extension what an appropriate codename might be. My ability of choice has always been shapeshifting into various animals. So what’s a good name for a zoomorph? Well, the chimera was a monster composed of a mishmash of several animals, and that’s kind of what a shapeshifter is too. Hence “Chimera”. I... don’t quite remember where the “Dragonfang” part came from, aside from me just really liking dragons.

DragonFlake - Guivre by ChimeraDragonfang

Describe yourself in three words.
Ideas outnumbering hours.

Are you left- or right-handed?
Both! :dummy: Some things I can do better with my left, some I can do better with my right, some I can do equally well with both, and some things I’m just terrible at regardless of which hand I’m using. The best way to keep people from absconding with your good scissors is to have scissors that 90% of them can’t use. :B

What was your first deviation?
This thing → Neurainbow by ChimeraDragonfang

What is your favourite type of art to create?
I’m kind of a dabbler in, ah, rather a lot of different kinds of art, but the majority of what I do falls under Artisan Crafts. Right now I’m big into engraving things in rocks and glass.
Zodiac Pendants - Fire by ChimeraDragonfang Zodiac Pendants - Air by ChimeraDragonfang Zodiac Pendants - Water by ChimeraDragonfang
Diarchy by ChimeraDragonfang Music Clef Necklaces by ChimeraDragonfang All Together Now by ChimeraDragonfang

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
If I bashed my face into my computer tower enough times, think I could absorb all the intricacies of Blender via some sort of bizarre osmosis? Every now and then I reopen that program with the intention of finally figuring out what the hell I’m doing, then the UI hits me again and I go “NOPE” and close everything.

One day, Blender. ONE DAY.

What was your first Favourite?
Going through my collection, apparently this → Lil Formers - Spacebridge by MattMoylan
I think there were a few others technically before it that I’ve either long since removed from my faves or they were deleted by their creators.

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Fractals. So many fractals. Like these:
Light Streams by alien-dreams Evolution of Pythagoras tree by Ffey Red Dragon by z00reka
Gnarlaxy by LMcentury21 Unstable Isotope by JP-Talma

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Fuhhhhh... damn, that’s tough. There are so many artists I Watch who do amazing work in their medium(s) of choice. Here’s a few:
AK-Is-Harmless’ comics always amuse.
rachaelm5 The colours and details in her works practically jump off the screen and bitchslap your eyeballs in the best way possible.
Vor4 My sister, who makes some cool shiny things.
swandog Fellow artistically multi-disciplinary Scandinavian.
Calabarte makes the most exquisite gourd lamps. The precision in the designs is incredible.
kenyastarflight’s Pacific Rim fanfic, Domovoi, sustains me. ALL OF THE FEELINGS. And she’s just generally a cool person.
TheAntimonyElement Another jack-of-all-trades, master-of-most. Her griffs are adorable and her dragons are kickass. Also? Future space-lawyer.
illmatar shares many of the same interests I do, and has a sense of humour both morbid and quirky that I quite appreciate. I may have read her still-ongoing epic (in every proper definition of the term) Maelstrom more times than most people would probably consider sane. :lawoo:
Amateur Fantasy Novelist by AK-Is-Harmless Jazzdragon 19 by rachaelm5 'Chesire Arabesque' (Conbadge) by swandog
Floor lamp II Affirma - by night 4 by Calabarte Copper Cuff2 by Vor4
ReminiscenceWhen you're six years old, you think childhood goes on forever. There are no days, weeks, or months to keep track of, no weekly paychecks or monthly bills or yearly tax statements to mark the passage of time as in the adult world. Sure, there's the quarterly report card but that's mostly for the parents anyway. In the young mind, time marches by in a continuing spiral of weekend cartoons, insufferable school days, nightly battles to avoid baths and bedtimes. The only indicators of elapsing years are the school clothes that you outgrow the month they're purchased and the switching of teachers as you ascend up the grade ladder. Otherwise, you don't label the years by number. You only know a great stretch of blankness to be filled with activity and memories.
Time is not the only thing elastic about childhood. Adults believe to their disadvantage that the mind matures as you get older, that reality is a concrete matter and that once you learn that, you're ready for the "real" world.
Cherry Blossom Camouflage by TheAntimonyElement

Mature Content

If you could meet anyone on dA in person, who would it be?
So many people. So. Many. In no particular order: SH9DOW, Kestanesus, Aederith, illmatar, MGMags, crystal-rex, kenyastarflight and StalkedByDragons, for starters.

AngelWarriorQueen doesn’t count because we’ve already met in meatspace and IT WAS CRAZY GOOD TIMES. We may have scared people. :grinstare:

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

‘S’UP, ANGEL. :overlyenthusiasticgreeting: by LedMaiden

When we first met I kicked her ass (OCT), but in this case defeat does indeed equal friendship, because we’ve been best buds ever since, to the point that sometimes we’re practically mind-melded. It’s just a little freaky, really. She’s a big part of my creative motivation, even if I’m kind of being a bit of a slacker about getting all the ideas out of my head lately OOPS, and my main partner-in-crime-and-worldbuilding. We constantly steal each other’s characters and run off screaming, and it’s great fun all around.

So yeah, AngelWarriorQueen and the other three members of our little group of crazy (you know who you are :stinkeye:) that I all met via dA, are some of the best friends a nutbar like me could ask for. They’re all continual sources of inspiration, critique, support and ever-enjoyable sarcastic wit.

What are your preferred tools to create art?
I bounce around between different media, going through phases of churning out a bunch of work from one medium, then a bunch of things made using something else, before switching to yet another one. Right now it’d be a Dremel, diamond engraving burrs and assorted tumbled stones and/or agate slices.
Agate Suncatcher: Bass Clef by ChimeraDragonfang Agate Suncatcher: Treble Clef by ChimeraDragonfang Agate Suncatcher: Eighth Note by ChimeraDragonfang Agate Suncatcher: Sixteenth Note by ChimeraDragonfang

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
The places I make most of my art are: on the floor or at my desk in my bedroom, at the local hackerspace/makerspace, and after hours in the workshop where I have my day job. I don’t know if I’d call any of these places particularly inspirational, exactly. The biggest thing that inspires my work is music, and I can take that with me anywhere. Lots of things around me spark ideas in the strangest ways. One of the businesses I pass on my way to work had some photos on display in the front window one time, and looking at those triggered an entire cascade of thoughts that terminated with me creating a whole new alien species to inhabit the ‘verse I’m building with Angel.

What is your favourite deviantART memory?
When you come across some random dA stranger by whatever means, and start exchanging comments – maybe on a piece of artwork or on a Journal or in the forums – and the comment chain just keeps growing because you’re hitting it off so well and then it’s just kind of suddenly “OKAY WE ARE NOW FRIENDS. COOL? COOL.”

Yeah, this is basically how I've gotten to know several people here.

Getting each of my (thus far) three Daily Deviations, and watching the subsequent inbox explosion, was also quite the experience.

Indirectly related to dA because that’s where I met all of them: When my Nexus pals and I would all get together via Skype and a group drawing application and spend literal hours (I think I was up until 05:00 one time) talking about the weirdest shit while we drew even weirder shit. It was great.
Nexus Bindrunes Necklaces by ChimeraDragonfang
:QuasiLa: by ChimeraDragonfang


Chimera Dragonfang


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Stop Thanking for Llama by rawienDon't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin


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